Master Degree Hotel Management Courses

International Hotel Management Program

The Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management. These undergraduate courses cover the hotel, restaurant, and service industry operations and administration skill sets. Undergraduate students complete three internships in international hospitality organizations

In the final year of the Bachelor program, students can choose a specialization in Entrepreneurship, Marketing or Finance, Innovation and Sustainability, Culinary Business Management and Event Management.

The Postgraduate and Master division offer programs for students from diverse backgrounds. For students who have a first degree in a field unrelated to hospitality, the Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Administration or Postgraduate Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management provide an overview of hotel operations, administration and general business courses. Mature students who have work experience but no bachelor degree can obtain Professional Development Diploma or Higher Diploma following the same courses as in the post graduate program.

The Master of Business Administration in Hospitality with Finance or Marketing is adapted for students with a first degree in hospitality and experience in a related field. This program requires a dissertation and offers management and strategic business development courses.

To grow professionally, or to market their business hotel and revenue-oriented ", in line with the needs and organizational and functional changes in the industry, the master provides participants with a strong management and through the acquisition of the necessary professional expertise, and through the assumption of a full awareness of its role. in addition to the material contained organizational, strategic and management, the Master is actually enriched by a single module dedicated to the development of managerial skills.
teachers and lecturers are all operators of the hotel industry at the highest level of their specific areas of expertise, professionals capable of thickness for the transfer of operational and management tools and more sophisticated, combining theory and practice masterfully built on strong managerial skills acquired in prestigious structures nationally and internationally.